Vasiliy Fet is a main character and the tritagonist of the series. and once-solitary rat exterminator of Ukrainian descent who joins the war against the vampires.

Biography Edit

Family Edit

Fet's parents immigrated to the United States from the Ukraine, though they claimed to be Russians. This lie, and their emigration from Europe, both derived from the shame brought on the family by Vasily's grandfather, who had served the Nazis as a guard at a death camp in Poland. The elder Fet was unmasked and charged with war crimes ten years after the war. At first he claimed that he had been tormented and conscripted by the Nazis, but the prosecutors presented evidence of his willing, even enthusiastic, participation in the Holocaust, including a picture of him grinning while on duty in the camp, as well as substantial war-profiteering, that allowed him to found his dressmaker's business after the war.

Vasily never knew whether his grandfather served at Treblinka or Sobibór, but Thomas Eichhorst, the former commandant of Treblinka, saw Vasily at Abraham Setrakian's side at Sotheby's in New York City and claimed to recognize him as the grandson of a guard named Fetorski. Eichhorst commented on the delicious irony that Setrakian should have grown so close to the descendant of one of his previous tormentors.

Early Life and Upbringing Edit

Vasily was raised in Bushwick, a working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn. As a result, his accent was "pure Brooklyn,", despite his Ukrainian heritage.

Aftermath (spoiler) Edit

After the vampires were eradicated, Fet and Nora Martinez settled down in Vermont, and had two children, though they never married. In addition to re-starting his exterminating business, Fet dedicated his life to publishing Setrakian's research on the Strigoi, including his translation of the Occido Lumen, online. Always preferring anonymity to fame, he never sought recognition for his role in eliminating the Master and his strain, but had to contend with a small die-hard fan following, who anointed him online as one of the saviors of the world.

TV series Edit

Forsaking the opportunity to study Architecture at Cornell University, Fet became an exterminator. He finds a nest of vampires in the sewers while investigating the sudden plague of rats on the surface.

Inside The Strain - Season 2 - Vasiliy Fet's Loft02:02

Inside The Strain - Season 2 - Vasiliy Fet's Loft

Take a peak behind the curtains at Vasily Fet's loft

Now a hunter of the strigoi, he prefers the readiness of a pneumatic nail gun to deliver vengeance, being more manually inclined. Although Setrakian likes Fet at his side, he thinks he may be a little too fond of killing. On a softer side of the man, he keeps a stack of Real Estate magazines because he likes the pictures of the beautiful houses. Reminding him of the lives of the happy people that may reside inside. Now it's more a reminder than ever.


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