Unnamed Old Woman
Status: Unknown
Age: Mid to Late 60's
Birthplace: Possibly Russia
Nationality: Russian-American
Residence(s): Red Hook, Brooklyn
Family Information
Children: Unnamed Teenage Boy
Played by: Mila Kanev
Season: 2
Episode: 5

Nothing is known about this Old Woman's life before or during the outbreak. It is likely that she lived in Red Hook, Brooklyn with her grandson. In "Quick and Painless" she and her grandson were exfiltrated from a housing district in Red Hook, Brooklyn by the NYPD's Emergency Services Unit (ESU) . She later seen complaining to security personnel in the command center for the New York Safe Streets Initiative when Justine Feraldo talks to them about how their homes aren't safe. As of this moment, she remains alive with her grandson in the Red Hook safe zone.

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