The Battle of Central Park
Season 3, Episode 6
Battle of central park
Air Date October 2, 2016
Release Date October 2, 2016
Written By Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan
Directed By Ken Girotti
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Cast Guide
Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather

David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian
Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichorst
Jack Kesy as The Master
Miguel Gomez as Augustin 'Gus' Elizalde
Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders
Rupert Penry-Jones as Mr. Quinlan
Joaquin Cosio as The Silver Angel

Also Starring
The Battle of Central Park is the sixth episode of the third season of The Strain.

Summary Edit

At the New York City Special Command Center, Justine Feraldo talks to a couple of police officers at the conference table about taking back and clearing out Central Park. After they finish the meeting the officers left the room. Justine Feraldo asks Vasiliy Fet about the nest if he has a plan to take it out. Vasiliy Fet said that he will deploy a light bomb that will burn all the vampires. Justine Feraldo told him that she will be setting him up with an insertion team to go with him. Fet said it's too small for all of them to fit in. Justine Feraldo still wants him to go in with a team. Justine Feraldo shakes Fet's hand to wish him luck as Fet leaves the office.

A flashback from season 2 happens where Ephraim Goodweather is talking about baseball with Zach Goodweather, Then when the door knocks Thomas Eichhorst and Kelly Goodweather came in with some food for Zach. Thomas Eichhorst introduces him to a feeler. Kelly Goodweather says that the feeler will protect him. Zach asks Kelly what was wrong with it's eyes. Kelly said that the feeler was once blind before the feeler got turned. Thomas Eichhorst tells Zach to give the feeler orders. Zach Goodweather asks the feeler to close the door. The feeler sped up all the way to the door to close it. Then Zach told the feeler to come right next to him. Thomas Eichhorst told him that the feeler will do anything he wants the feeler to do. Thomas Eichhorst and Kelly Goodweather leaves the room with the feeler with him.

Near Central Park Vasiliy Fet came to pick up his team. Vasiliy Fet asks a police officer where captain Kate Nelson is, the officer points to an ESU truck. Vasiliy Fet recognizes her as Kate Nelson the one from the hotel bar he met. Fet thought she was stationed somewhere in the other side of the city. Kate Nelson said that she is now helping him to plant the light explosives to kill the giant nest beneath Central Park. Vasiliy Fet credits himself for the one that found the nest. Kate Nelson also thought that Vasiliy Fet is a Navy Seal. Vasiliy Fet told her to come with him to his loft to pick up the light explosives. She comes in his humvee to go to his loft. When they arrive Fet knocks on the door. Dutch Velders opens up the door, Vasiliy Fet introduces her to Dutch Velders and Ephraim Goodweather. The both of them grab the explosives and place them on the table and puts them all in a duffle bag. Dutch Velders asks why they are clearing out Central Park. Vasiliy Fet explains that he found a giant nest of vampires under the park. Fet told them that the rally point is at columbus circle as they leave the loft with the explosives. Eph and Dutch pack up their communication devices.

Zach Goodweather is in the bunker talking with a feeler. Zach signals the feeler to go sit in the couch and so it did. Zach eats his bacon while he reads his book. Zach told the feeler that it doesn't has to to stay in the couch and that the feeler can sit with him in bed. Zach pets the feeler as the scene end.

Somewhere in Manhattan a prison transport truck is driving down the road to a subway station. Inside the truck Augustin Elizalde said that their bringing everyone now to fight. Carmen Pena gets offended how women can't fight. Augustin Elizalde told her that he didn't say that. A couple of officers open the back door of the van Tardi tells everyone to get out. Tardi tells everyone that they are a about to be in a historical fight against the vampires and says that the fate of Manhattan depends on it. Tardi told them to a weapon all of them pick out a weapon. Augustin Elizalde hands María Pena a weapon and asks her how she got arrested. Carmen Pena told him that she got arrested because all she wanted some food for her mother and neighbours. Angel says in spanish that the police officers are offering them a pardon and to expect them to not come back alive. Angel asks Augustin Elizalde if Tardi is coming with them. Augustin Elizalde told him back "I guess so". They go into the subway station. Augustin Elizalde prays before he went in Officer Norma Bonnie yells at him to go.

Meanwhile at the New York City Special Command Center Frank Kowalski said to Justine Feraldo that the commander hasn't made contact yet. Justine Feraldo reminds Frank Kowalski that when they fought in Red Hook, Brooklyn she was scared and said that she had a rifle in her hands.Frank Kowalski's earpiece got alerted. He heard that three of the teams had engaged with the vampires. Justine Feraldo asks if there is any news on Fet. Frank Kowalski told her not yet.

Under the tunnels Vasiliy Fet said to them that they are going to a water tunnel. Kate Nelson asks Fet how they are going to destroy it. Vasiliy Fet told them that he will tape a bunch of grenades to the back of the bags and that it has a timer and it will explode in mid air. When they got close to the tunnels Vasiliy Fet told them to open up their head lights. Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders are in Central Park setting up the communication device. Dutch Velders talks about Kate Nelson and Vasiliy Fet. Ephraim Goodweather says that Dutch Velders is jealous. Dutch said that she is not jealous.While they are in the middle of a conversation. Noises are being heard from the communication device. Vasiliy Fet and the insertion team is inside going down a staircase. Once they got to the server rooms Kate Nelson took out a vampire. They when they got further a vampire jumped down to attack them but failed and got shot by Vasiliy Fet. When they got to the generating room a vampire came out again to almost kill a police officer but got killed by Riley. Then steam pops up onto the Lee while he is being attacked. Out of the steam a vampire comes up only to be killed by Kate Nelson. Two officer are being attacked behind the smoke as Vasiliy Fet and Kate Nelson try to run in and help. Kate Nelson call out their names suddenly two vampire pop out again only to be killed Vasiliy Fet and Kate Nelson. Kate Nelson discovers Riley dead on the floor. Kate Nelson turns off Riley's helmet light off to move on.

In the tunnels Tardi is leading the prisoners. Augustin Elizalde tells Carmen Pena that if a vampire attack him she needs to stay very far away. Tardi tells them to go into a tunnel. Augustin Elizalde suggested that Tardi should go first because he has a shot gun. Tardi tells them that he will wait for them outside the tunnel. Augustin Elizalde said to him that he has a shotgun and that they will shoot him by accident. Tardi threaten them to go in with his shotgun. The Silver Angel makes fun of them in spanish. Tardi opens up the gate to let Augustin Elizalde and The Silver Angel go in. As they went in a vampire attacked them. They hear them being attacked Officer Norma Bonnie asks if they should go in. Carmen Pena told them that they had guns.Tardi called out Augustin Elizalde's name, Augustin Elizalde yelled at them inside the tunnel to come in. Tardi tells everyone to go inside first. Everyone comes in to see dead vampires on the ground. Tardi compliments Augustin Elizalde about what he did. Tardi leads the group to in further.

Vasiliy Fet and Kate Nelson are still going through the tunnels, a vampire tried to attack them but to be killed by both of them. Lee yells for help they hear it as they go to try and help him. The both of them see Lee wounded on the floor. Lee asks them to check if he's infected. Kate Nelson checks him to see worms in his face. Kate Nelson tells him that she's sorry as she shoot's him in the head to prevent him from turning.

Once the prisoners, Tardi and Officer Norma Bonnie reached a curtain point in the tunnel. Tardi points to a hole for the prisoners to go in. Augustin Elizalde told Tardi that this is police brutality. They hear a vampire, Tardi demands Carmen Pena to go in the hole. Officer Norma Bonnie tells them that Carmen Pena needs to go alone. Officer Norma Bonnie threatens her to go in. Once Tardi and Officer Norma Bonnie yelled at her to go in, Angel hijacks Officer Norma Bonnie's shotgun and Augustin Elizalde takes Officer Norma Bonnie hostage. Augustin Elizalde demands him that everyone will walk out of there without anybody getting killed. Officer Norma Bonnie tells Tardi to do what Augustin Elizalde tells him to do. Tardi accidently shoots Officer Norma Bonnie in the head. Then Angel also shoots Tardi in the head killing him instantly. Carmen Pena cries as she witness the two officers being killed. Augustin Elizalde said it's ok as he gives them their guns.

Zach is playing catch with a feeler. Kelly Goodweather tells Zach that they need to pack their things and leave because people are going to find and kill them.Thomas Eichhorst tells them they need to pack up in 3 minutes. Zach then packs up his stuff in his bag. Zach writes on a bookmark incase anyone finds him.

At Central Park Ephraim Goodweather is recording his voice about the research about the vampire communication. While Eph and Dutch are having a talk, Augustin Elizalde, Carmen Pena, Angel are going through the tunnels. A few vampire sweeped right next to them taking away one of the prisoners. Then another prisoner got taken away. They start shooting at the vampires but misses. Augustin Elizalde notices that the vampires are trying to make them run out of ammo. A vampire popped up only to be shot by Kate Nelson. Augustin Elizalde asks if that was Vasiliy Fet. The both of memorizes each other. Augustin Elizalde told Vasiliy Fet that they got arrested and were forced to fight the vampires. Vasiliy Fet said that he's not gonna force them to fight but he needs some help. Augustin Elizalde offered out to help him but he told him to let Angel and Carmen Pena go.

Justine Feraldo asks Frank Kowalski where Vasiliy Fet and his team were at. Frank Kowalski said that after dark every vampire will come out of the nest and will take over if Fet doesn't come back in time. Kate Nelson, Vasiliy Fet and Augustin Elizalde discovers a bunker below the park. Vasiliy Fet finds a book containing a bookmark explaining that Zach was in that bunker. Vasiliy Fet contacts Ephraim Goodweather. Loud sounds are coming out of the communication devices. Then Fet asks Eph if he's there on his radio. Once Eph switch his radio to channel three. Vasiliy Fet told Ephraim Goodweather about how Zach was in the bunker. Justine Feraldo asks if Fet is almost to the nest. Frank Kowalski says that he is almost close. Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders go in underground Central Park themselves. A vampire possessed by the Master comes out to know that the both of them are underground and to be killed by Ephraim Goodweather. When Vasiliy Fet got to the nest. Vasiliy Fet is preparing the explosives while Kate Nelson and Augustin Elizalde kill some vampires in the process. Fet shoots a vampire in the head while he was deploying the explosives. Fet yells "FIRE IN THE HOLE" loudly as he throws the light explosives below detonating killing thousands of the vampires. Meanwhile in New York City Special Command Center Frank Kowalski gets a call that all of the vampires in Central Park are exterminated. After that Justine Feraldo said that it's a good night. Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders are in the bunker. Ephraim Goodweather goes into the room Zach was in. When Ephraim Goodweather said that Zach is still alive, Dutch decided to look for Zach to see if he's near them. Ephraim Goodweather went outside of the room to see Thomas Eichhorst. Thomas Eichhorst teezes him about the human race failing and about Zach. At New York City Special Command Center Frank Kowalski is hearing that multiple checkpoints in Manhattan are being compromised. Justine brings up the feeds on the checkpoints to see many vampires going through fences and breaking in. Thomas Eichhorst is still talking to Eph about how Kelly and Zach had left. Eph shoots but Thomas dodges his every bullet. Eph takes out his sword but misses Thomas Eichhorst. Thomas Eichhorst's hand gets chopped up by Dutch Velders. Thomas Eichhorst punches Dutch Velders then leaving the bunker. Justine Feraldo still sees multiple checkpoints on camera being attacked by many vampires.

Once Vasiliy Fet, Augustin Elizalde and Kate Nelson start to get out of they hear an officer is being attacked on the radio. Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch get out of the tunnel to see police officers running away from the park. Dutch Velders convices Eph to leave their stuff. They both leave the park along with a bunch of police officers. Justine Feraldo tells every police officer to get away from the park. At the end millions of vampires run through the park as chaos wrecks throughout Manhattan.

Deaths Edit


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), is a means of presenting data in a visually-engaging format, more specifically through the use of a map or other cartographic data, for purposes of planning and detecting emerging patterns. The New York Police Department, has such a system called CompStat (Comparative Statistics), which is a way of pinpointing current and historical criminal trends. The Top Brass of the department, use it as a tool to hold precinct commanders accountable for decisions which diminish public welfare and safety. In the case of "The Strain" , GIS is used to monitor the direction, distribution and acceleration of the Strigoi threat.

For more information on Map Overlays:

  • Dutch made an allusion to Bletchley Park. It was a military installation in England, set up to break the code use to secure Nazi message traffic.
  • Bam-Bam was a character on the Flintstones. He was a baby who enjoyed using a club. Country Club is an allusion to the upper-class and their affinity to golf.

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