In Episode entitled "The Assassin", he finds out that Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders have shot and wounded Eldritch Palmer and almost killed Coco Marchand. When Ephraim Goodweather accidently bumped into him, his suspicions were raised and he gave chase down the alley and were surrounded.

While Goodweather was detained, an indiscernable low growl was emanating near the front desk. Stevens decided to check it out after that a couple of vampires attacked a group of officers, except for the one that decided to lock himself in Ephraim's jail cell. Unfortunatelly, he got nicked in the arm and then got hit in the neck, which left him infected . When Vasiliy Fet, Nora Martinez arrived on scene, they killed all the vampires and they let Ephraim out of the cell. then Stevens Stevens returns, puzzled, Vasiliy Fet asks for the whereabouts of Dutch. He said his friend took her to Mayfair Hotel. After that Ephraim suggested that he should leave the police station.

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