Sanjay Desai is a supporting character, and antagonist. He was Eichhorst's associate. He serves as the quaternary antagonist of Season 3, and (possibly) a tertiary antagonist in Season 4.

Pre-Outbreak Edit

Nothing is known about Sanjay's life before the outbreak, except that he lived somewhere in New York and assumingly worked as an associate for another business.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

"Madness" Edit

Sanjay comes into Palmer's office with Thomas Eichhorst. Once they sit down, Palmer faints. Thomas Eichhorst calls in the nurse to help him. The nurse runs in to check on Palmer, the nurse picks up Palmer and asking for help to pick him up. Sanjay helped as the both of them lay him down on the couch. Sanjay introduces himself as his new associate and tells him about the special cargo from Egypt. Thomas Eichhorst tells Palmer to alert them when the cargo comes in to New York. Sanjay told him to make sure it docks.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 4 (Promo) Edit

As seen in the season 4 promo Sanjay seems to be alive and well after the nuclear blast. He is later seen in a hospital (assuming The Partnership's hospital) with Dutch Velders and a couple of doctors trying to deliver a baby from a pregnant woman. At the end of the promo Dutch Velders is seen trying to slit his throat.

Death (alleged) Edit

Killed By Edit

When Zach detonated the explosives, while Sanjay was driving the SUV filped injuring him and being left by Thomas Eichhorst. When the fallout radiation comes to New York it will eventually kill him.


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