Reggie Fitzwilliam is a supporting character, he is Eldritch Palmer's personal nurse, majordomo, and general right-hand man.

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Fitzwilliam is a former U.S. Marine, with forty-two confirmed combat kills and a quick mind, whose post-military medical schooling Palmer financed. Fitzwilliam oversaw all aspects of Palmer's care, including escorting him to and from his repeated surgical operations, ensuring that his homes and transport vehicles were properly climate-controlled, and operating the extensive life support machines, including kidney dialysis, which Palmer relied on. Fitzwilliam also assisted Palmer with his business and personal dealings, including his meetings with Thomas Eichhorst and the Master.

Exactly why Mr. Fitzwilliam remained loyal to Palmer, even as the latter schemed to betray humanity to the Master, was never fully explained. When Ephraim Goodweather, held captive at Palmer's penthouse residence in New York, asked Fitzwilliam what he was getting out of Palmer's "deal" with the vampires, Fitzwilliam did not respond.

In fact, Palmer was secretly planning to possess Fitzwilliam's body after his transformation into a vampire, seeing the ex-Marine's body as a much more "fitting" vessel for his immortal life than Palmer's original, sickly one. In the same manner, the Master and the other Ancients had selected human bodies for their stature and physical fitness.

When the Master killed Palmer, Mr. Fitzwilliam had only a few seconds to react, before the Master lunged and killed him as well.

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Reggie Fitzwilliams is Palmer's nurse, assistant and also the head of security for The Stoneheart Group's Head of Security. He serves Palmer faithfully, but is kept at the edges of his employer's dealings with the Master. He is wary of Eichhorst, and, at one point, urges Palmer to reconsider his decision, as Reggie can see that the vampires are simply using him. Palmer refuses to listen.

Reggie's brother is one of several persons who become of suspicious of Palmer and try to resist his propaganda covering up the spread of the vampire plague. In increasing sympathy with his brother and the others, Reggie refuses Palmer's order to kill Dutch Velders and Vasiliy Fet when they infiltrate the Stoneheart Group building.

Finally, Reggie resigns from Palmer's service, but refrains from acting against him, out of a lingering sense of loyalty. When Dutch finds out about his resignation, she tracks him down through his brother and tries to recruit him to Abraham Setrakian's cause.

Reggie, though, is reluctant to join, reminding Dutch that she previously served Palmer as well, as long as he paid her enough, so he doesn't trust her. Setrakian urges Reggie not to surrender to his guilt and misguided loyalty, and leaves him Setrakian's card to call, while confidently predicting that Reggie will join them eventually.

Reggie eventually sides with Setrakian, killing one of the vampires sent by Kelly Goodweather to find her son, Zach, but one of the other vampires bites Reggie. Knowing he is doomed to become a vampire, Reggie asks Setrakian to kill him before he turns, and Setrakian obliges, promising to convey Reggie's farewell message to his brother.

Before he dies, however, Reggie provides Setrakian with valuable information about Palmer's plans to obtain the Occido Lumen for the Master.