Officer Tardi is an antagonist, and was a Corrections Officer. He was a minor antagonist of season 3.

Pre-Outbreak Edit

Manhattan, New York Edit

Nothing is known about Tardi's life before the outbreak, except that he lived in somewhere in Manhattan and served as a corrections officer.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

"First BornEdit

Tardi books Augustin Elizalde and Angel to go to the high school's gym along with some other people. He told the other officers to get them ready for a "sweep team" the next day. Augustin Elizalde asks what was the sweep team was, as he explainded that they were gonna clear infected parts of New York. Tardi then leads them to the gym where the other prisoners are.

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Correctional Officer Bonnie, Tardi and also the other officers woke them up for breakfest, by kicking their feet and poking them with their batons. Augustin Elizalde talks to Angel quietly about he'll get what he deserves.When everyone got to the tunnels where they are gonna take out infected, Tardi announced that every prisoner would clear the tunnels out with melee weapons, Augustin Elizalde asks him if they didn't comply. He said that he would kill them, Augustin Elizalde teases him about how he and his other police officers are not brave enough to go in there and how the other prisoners could not survive in there as all of the prisoners went inside. After Augustin Elizalde, Angel and the remaining prisoners run back out. Augustin Elizalde told him that the vampire are more different then they were before Tardi said that will make a note. When Justine Feraldo and Frank Kowalski came in, Justine walked up to Tardi and said that she wanted to talk to one of the prisoners. Augustin Elizalde stood up walked over to talk to her about the vampires as Tardi whispered right past him saying "watch yourself".

"The Battle of Central Park"

Tardi and Correctional Officer Bonnie are about to clear out a tunnel in Manhattan near Central Park with prisoners. Tardi promises to them if they fight bravely they get to not clear out anymore tunnels. Later on the episode when Carmen Pena gets forced to clear out a hole in the underground. There is a hostage situation where Gus is holding Officer Norma Bonnie hostage, Tardi held at gunpoint by Angel. The situation ended terribly. Tardi misses and shoots Bonnie in the head thus Angel shooting him in the head with a shotgun causing a ocular cavity in his head killing him instantly.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Tardi has killed:

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