In Episode entitled "The Assassin". He is seen talking with Stevens about how he will start eating gum instead of a chocolate bar. While Stevens is mircowaving his coffee. Then loud noises started coming from the lobby of the police station. Stevens decided to check it out while he was checking it out he started yelling. Then a bunch of vampires attacked the group of police officers while Eph in his cell yelling he could help, but all of them got killed except for Reynolds. He ran to Eph's cell and told him to shut up when a strigoi approached their cell. Reynolds shot the strigoi but the loud gunshot attracted the others. They ran to their cell and spit out all stingers but the stingers couldn't get them - as they stood up against the wall so they wouldn't get stung. Reynolds shot some vampires but when he ran out of ammunition he stood out the wall and was stung in the arm and neck leaving him dead on the floor.