Pre-Outbreak Edit

Carla Davis had worked as a nurse for Eldritch Palmer for many years along with the other nurses and doctors that work in Stoneheart.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

"Bad White" Edit

She is seen giving Palmer some pills to take his daily medication. Carla told him not to continue due to his condition. Palmer gets a little angry and tells her not to give him orders. When Thomas Eichhorst comes in she leaves his office.

"Madness" Edit

When Thomas Eichhorst calls for her, she runs in to help Eldritch Palmer who is on the ground. She tells Sanjay Desai and Thomas Eichhorst to help out. Sanjay Desai volunteers to help, the both of them put him on the couch. Carla suggested to get him an IV. Then she goes to get it while Thomas Eichhorst, Sanjay Desai, and Eldritch Palmer have a conversation about the shipment from Egypt. When their conversation is over and Thomas Eichhorst and Sanjay Desai leaves his office, Carla comes in with an IV and checks him.


Nurse Carla is seen taking care of Palmer. When Palmer asks Mr. Duncan to grab the car to bring around she said that he is not in very good condition Eldritch Palmer tells her not to tell him not to do but help the things that he needed to do. At the end of the episode Palmer asks her is she could give him the white but she warns him. Carla put the white in Palmer's eye anyway, but suddenly Palmer had a heart attack Carla tried to revive him. When Palmer woke up with his eyes bleeding she got scared and runs away telling him that she quits.

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