New York Strong
Season 3, Episode 1
STRAIN 301 0556d FULL
Air Date August 28, 2016
Written By Chuck Hogan Guillermo del Toro Carlton Cuse
Directed By J. Miles Dale
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Cast Guide
Adriana Barraza as Guadalupe Elizalde

Doug Jones as Ancients,
Aaron Lazar as Kroft
Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather
Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet
David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichorst
Rupert Penry-Jones as Quinlan
Natalie Brown as Kelly Goodweather
Miguel Gomez as Augustin Elizalde
Samantha Mathis as Justine Feraldo
Max Charles as Zach Goodweather Guests Star
Jack Kesy as Bolivar / The Master

Also Starring

"New York Strong" is the premiere episode of third seasonof The Strain. It first aired on August 28, 2016.

Summary Edit

The episode starts out by Abraham Setrakian narrating about the vampire outbreak throughout the world. After that The Navy Seals are seen clearing out an apartment in Chinatown. Once the Seals breached inside they saw three vampire infecting a woman. They engaged killing the three vampires and the infected woman. Soon they start going to the smuggling basement seeing that there were a lot of vampires. So the Squad loading their ammo and planned their strategy. They soon killed each of them one by one clearing the building. Outside a neighbour ask if Vasiliy Fet was the person who was helping the Navy Seals clear out their neighbourhood. Vasiliy Fet replied saying yes and also saying "New York Strong". The neighbours praised him. Eph is later seen in his family house in Woodside, Queens at night. As he was waiting he had a dream of a vampire Zach coming up to his backyard door as Zach came in the house Eph said the he's sorry and shoots him in the head. The gunshot in the dream awoken him and soon realized that it was a dream. Some police officers came in his house and asked him if he was infected and also told him what was he doing there. Eph then showed them his ID claiming the he was part of Justine Feraldo's militia the officers then said that they were sorry so they left. Eph fell asleep when he woke up it was morning he picked up his backpack, and got in his taxi and left the ransacked neighbourhood. He drove back to Red Hook, Brooklyn. As Eph was in the middle of making his bio weapon. Justine Feraldo knocked on the door with her bodyguards with the materials he needed, Justine said that Eph needed to train other scientist how to make the bio weapon. Eph saying back not "intrested". Justing asked Eph what was really going on. And Eph says the Justine is winning. Justine then talks about how her people took control half of manhattan and also saying that some of her police officers spot him in his house in Woodside. Justine reminds him that he is still a criminal. Eph asks Justine what was the kill ratio of the bio weapon he made she said it was around 75%. Justine then says she's got cops and citizens with sticks (meaning machetes and other melee weapons) she also says that if they don't stay ahead of the vampires that they are done for. Eph igores her and keeps on typing on his computer. After Justine finshes her sentence she told him to take a shower. Eph then goes to a warehouse in Queens to get some medicine to trade to a seller in Manhattan. He records his voice saying that the vampires are getting stronger. Then Eph goes to a market in the Manhattan safe zone to buy a can of soup and cans of tuna. Eph then gave Raoul the medicine. Eph then asks Raoul for a taser the scene cuts into Abraham Setrakian reading the Occido Lumen, Abraham Setrakian talks to Quinlan that they will not strike until Abraham Setrakian finshes reading the book. Quinlan says that The Master keeps on getting stronger and stronger everyday. At The Office Of Emergency Management in Brooklyn Justine Feraldo talks in the phone how the other council members would't buy her a drink. Vasiliy Fet comes in as Justine Feraldo was done talking in the phone They both shake hands and Justine talks about how they need more people to take back the rest of Manhattan. Then she asks if there is any more people that could help out in clearing out the rest of the neighbourhood or send more Navy Seals. Vasiliy Fet says that he can't do anything else but help get them through their mission. Eph exits out of the Manhattan safe zone to a parking garage to get some gas from parked cars. As he was trying to get gas a vampire comes out and tried to attack him Eph shoots the vampire but fails so the vampire runs behind a SUV Eph spots him and shoots him in the leg and the vampire comes out only to be killed by Eph. Eph then shoots another vampire then soon came another one as he beats the vampire with his gun and stabbing the vampire in the cheek. Another vampire comes against the left side of Eph's taxi window. Eph starts the car and drives off as a vampire comes up onto the front of his car. Eph drives off outside to burn the vampire. The vampire then burns to death as Eph drives off. Meanwhile in Harlem Augustin Elizalde takes his blood and put it in a dog bowl. Augustine then gives it to Guadalupe Elizade his undead mother who is in a strait jacket. Guadalupe Elizade drinks the blood from the bowl. Once she was done Augustin Elizalde said that was all his mother then throws the bowl with her stinger at him. Augustin Elizalde says to his mother that he will get revenge. Lar comes in to the ancient's room said that speaks for them. Quinlan speaks to the ancients about the last vampire crew died. Lar then said that he wanted know about the lumen. Quinlan says the information of the lumen is not done being red yet. Lar speaks louder about the lumen's infomation again. Quinlan warns him not to threaten him since he is the only ally in the war. In downtown Manhattan Vasiliy Fet walks down a messey sidewalk near their headquarters and encounters a old lady carrying her luggage then she drops one of her bags Vasiliy Fet offers out to help her but she points a gun at him yelling at him to backoff. Vasiliy Fet walks inside their headquarters saying "sunshine do you miss me" Abraham Setrakian asks him if he was gone. Fet says that he was helping out the navy seals. As quinlan comes in and they start talking about defeating the Master with the government won't help. Fet talks about of how he dosen't trust Quinlan. Somewhere in lower Manhattan Fet starts doing his plan again to help out the Navy Seals. Kroft and Fet start talking about their plan. Fet asks them if he can come in with them Kroft says that he is not allowed to come. Kroft and his squad start to move into the tunnels. As they were shooting they spotted Thomas Eichhorst. Kroft and his squad follow Thomas Eichhorst into a church. All of the them went inside of the church The second squad went the other way only to get their coms to make a loud sound. Fet then found out that it was an ambush. Fet grabs a machine gun and comes inside to help out. Then inside the church Kroft's squad starts to move in. One of the squad members move in on their own only to later find his blood trail Kroft's squad started to follow the blood trail. Vasiliy Fet comes underground with a flare and tells them if they see it to not shoot. A vampire comes out of the shadow to be killed by Fet. The squad continue to go more further in. One squad member then got killed. Kroft and one squad member were the only ones left. The second squad member started to heard a very loud sound coming through his coms as he kneelded and got spilt in half by the Master. Kroft started to say to Fet to leave him and help his squadmates. Kroft is then later killed by the Master. Fet exits out of the church with two wounded soilders and sees Thomas Eichhorst. Fet shoots at Thomas Eichhorst but fails and escapes. Somewhere in underground New York Zach is with Kelly Goodweather Zach helps Kelly to put makeup on. In Woodside, Queens Kelly and her feelers comes inside the house where Eph is sitting down. Eph asks if Zach is safe she said that his is alive. Kelly asks Eph to bring in the lumen to bring back Eph's son back.

Trivia Edit

  • The Special Operations Command, located at 165 Cadman Plaza, is actually called The Office of Emergency Management. It is in close proximity of the Brooklyn approach to the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • A copy of the US Navy Seal combat patch.
  • Please note, the warfighter's bloodgroup can be found on their Battle Dress uniform (BDU), more specifically on the tactical vest
  • NVG (Night Vision) vs Thermal Imaging: The Night Vision Googles works by amplifying ambient or light. While Thermal Imaging detects and displays minute changes in heat , or Infrared Radiation (IR). The resultant display will express these changes in intensity using different colors ( A scale next to the image would relate colors to temperatures, i.e. the brightest , or warmest, parts of the image are customarily colored white; intermediate temperatures represented by reds and yellows; and the dimmest , or coolest, parts blue.)
  • Near-infrared wavelengths behave similarly to visible light. Devices for sensing near infrared wavelengths are also known as night vision sensors. These sensors are useful in very low lighting scenes but cannot be used scenes with no light. In the case of no lights, medium and far infrared radiation come into play ( or medium and long wave IR), and thermal imaging is utilized. Some animals such as nocturnal and deep sea animals have the ability to see in the near infrared spectrum.

Deaths Edit

  • Unnamed Chinatown resident
  • Kroft
  • 6 Navy Seal soldiers


Acronyms and Vocabulary Edit

This episode made heavy use of Military and Intelligence jargon, the following is compilation of these words:

Roger - Received (Radio Communications)
Weapons free - Fire at Will (fire whenever your ready)
ISR - acronym for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Stack-up - command given to order a unit to line up in formation against an entrance to breach and clear a room or area; For more information go to this site on SWAT tactics

Terms Commonly Used by Quick Reaction Forces

CT - Counter-Terrorism
Comms/Commo - Communications
Demo - Demolitions
Double Tap - Two aimed shots fired in rapid succession at a target to ensure that he does not pose any further threat
Exfil - Exfilitration
Infil - Infilitration
Klick  - short for one kilometer
LP/OP - Listening Post/Observation Post, the classic stake-out, surveillance situation where officers collect information without ever intending to make "hard" contact.
Mike- It is short for one minute; Phoentic Alphabet representation of the letter M
Mousehole - Nickname for a small, round-shaped breach made into walls and/or doorways with explosives. CT assault teams use mouseholes to move room to room in a building to avoid hallways (which are often booby-trapped or covered by weapons fire), as well as to surprise tangos .
NVG - Night Vision Goggle.
Op Sec - short for "Operational Security", a set of procedures outlining how to avoid compromising the mission or its participants in any way.
Operator - Member of a special ops team, a sworn officer participating in the tactical (not administrative) phase of the mission.
Snake - A common term for a six-officer raid team, moving in line; the first two officers are often designated the "point" element.
Takedown - An assault on a target.
Tango - Terrorist; Phoentic Alphabet representation of the letter T
Transpo - Transportation
Willy Peter (WPs) - Nickname for a White Phosphorus incendiary grenade.
Wolf Pack One - department's term for an assault team, a two-officer sub-unit.
Wilco - short for "Will Comply" as in "Roger Wilco"

For information on even more terms go to Swat Team Glossary

Quotes Edit

It has been 23 days. Twenty-Three days, since the landing of Regis Air Flight 753 transfixed the world. Our response to the threat was needlessly delayed by indulgence in political debates, media distractions, punditry and grandstanding. The quarantine in New York was a moderate success, but locking predators in with a reliable source of food also helped the strigoi evolve more quickly. Isolating the plague helped it to burn more brightly. The United States announced plans for a massive surge deployment of National Guard troops and US Army Reserves to push into New York City and wipe out the infected enemy. But when new outbreaks occurred in other cities, military support was redistributed to other population centers in the hope of halting the spread of the disease and, just as importantly, the spread of panic. The invading presence was a far graver threat than anyone ever imagined. If humanity had any hope of defeating this plague, it had to happen now or never - Setrakian

This book has been compiled over the course of centuries. One week's reading is not enough to unveil all its mysteries. - Setrakian

Quinlan: You think me a traitor because for the moment I have thrown my lot in with the cattle. But you should know better than anyone; I have no allegiances, only an enemy.
Lar: Is that how you justify your thievery?
Quinlan: I'm taking action. Unlike you, who lurk in your chamber, paralyzed by a truce that has lasted
centuries and has now been broken. You have grown indolent.
Quinlan: Every failed empire has a legion of elite warriors.
Fet: None with ISR drone support, night-vision goggles and automatic assault rifles.
Quinlan: Technology offers no advantage over the Master.
Fet: What happens if you wake up one morning with his stinger in your neck?
Setrakian: If I do, your "I told you so" will be a source of great comfort before you dispatch me.
Fet: Don't be so sentimental.

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