Pre-Outbreak Edit

New York Police Department was established in 1845 and is the largest municipal police force in the United States, having primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City.The New York Police Department has a broad array of specialized services, including the Emergency Service Unit, K9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb disposal, counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence, anti-gang, anti-organized crime, narcotics, public transportation and public housing; the New York City Transit Police and New York City Housing Authority Police Department were fully integrated into the NYPD in 1995. According to the department, its mission is to "enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment." The department's regulations are compiled in title 38 of the New York City Rules.  

Post-Outbreak Edit

In "The Strain" the police officers seem to have increased call activity  thoughout the city due to the vampire presence. In "The Strain" the NYPD seems to be overwhelmed as seen in the episodes "Fort Defiance" ,"Dead End","The Disappeared". As Justine Feraldo, Mayor George Lyle and the other council members had discussed about "People with six foot snakes in their mouth"  killed their neighbours everynight. Justine Feraldo had discussed about how the National Guard were missing and she said that only some of them were guarding goverment offices so Justine Feraldo decided to use the NYPD and ESU to take back some parts of New York City such as Staten island, and Red Hook, Brooklyn and possibly Upper Manhattan. Justine Feraldo had police officers and HazMat (Hazardous Materials) teams stationed at the St. George Ferry Terminal as well as checkpoints at Van Brunt Street in Red Hook with armed NYPD Emergency Service Unit (ESU) police officers. 

The Disbandment Edit

Captain James Bonner has told Justine Feraldo and Frank Kowalski that he and the entire law enforcement agency are overwhelmed by strigoi. He says that all of vampires has broken through their safe zones and tells them they are running out of food and ammunation to fight back. Captain James Bonner suggest that everyone should retreat to Saratoga Springs near Albany he also mentions that the city has enough soldiers to fight the strigoi. Captain James Bonner shakes Justine Feraldo's hand right before he and many police officers exit the city.


Notable Members Edit

  • Justine Feraldo
  • Frank Kowalski
  • Detective Paul Sampson
  • Officer Bennett
  • Stevens
  • Officer Reynolds
  • Officer Dempsey
  • Mike Williams
  • Kate Nelson
  • Captain James Bonner

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous amounts of vampires and unnamed infected people 


Handguns: Glock 17

Shotguns: Mossberg 590

Machine Guns: MP5A3

Rifles: M4A1

Images Edit

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