Create a page which demonstrates the parallels between terrorism, epidemics, and other crisis with the vampire apocalypse of the Strain. The Strain is essentially a catharsis, or replaying of these issues in a more accessible form for the viewing public.

Stills from the Dramatization of the Westgate Mall incident, Kenya


variation -- thickness of line -- woodcut

woodcut - cut out bkgd print surface

cooper engraving  - leaving surface make design by cutting copper, line shold ink, rub ink into lines, rub surface clean

rolling press forcing paper through roller

cooper etching  wax resin ground  acid to bite

lithography:polished stone, draw on it in a greasy medium chalk crayon ink printing problem professional printer workshop, 

cover stone with water roll over the water--water and grease repel each other, won't settle on water, but settle where you have drawn then

in effect you have ink where you have drawn then you can print the thing and you will find that your drawn design xfer to paper

posters , bank notes no training as if drawing on paper

lithography is expensive , equipment master printer stones difficutlt to handle expensive

shops wehere several people use material, made litho possible that was in part a huge revival of medium

newpaper xfer- cutting of paper, soaking in lighting fluid, loosen ink, put it down direct xfer to lithographic stone.

silk screening order f color does not matter ( see litho),

different colors.


ring variation on what youcan do ew/ copper plate intaglio

mezzotint-  pierce surface of plate so can print black then scrape out design emagers as ligghtr against dark background


rembrant special effects in the inking -- print his own plates, which he would not got from a professional printer

films of ink on the surface of the plate xform appearance

cat failure apps

nitrogen imbalance

location services

Typically, geolocation apps do two things: They report your location to other users, 

and they associate real-world locations (such as restaurants and events) to your location. 

Geolocation apps that run on mobile devices provide a richer experience than those that run on desktop PCs 

because the relevant data you send and receive changes as your location changes

Definition - What does Geolocation mean?

Geolocation is the process of finding, determining and providing the exact location of a computer, networking device 

or equipment. It enables device location based on geographical coordinates and measurements.

Geolocation commonly uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and other related technologies to assess and specify 

geographical locations.

Techopedia explains Geolocation

Geolocation provides the location of a device but is generally used in a variety of applications to help locate human users.

Geolocation works through a pre-built GPS in a device that propagates the device's

longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. The coordinates are identified on a map to provide

a complete address that ally includes a country, city, town/colony, building name and street address.

The most prevalent application of GeoIP involves geo-targeting, or determining a computer’s location in order to tailor 

content specifically for that location. Geo-targeting is most often used for targeted advertising, statistical research, 

spam prevention, and for restricting access based on location.

Geolocation in general is the practice of determining the physical, real world location of a person or 

device using digital information.

The identification of geographic location, as of an electronic device or an animal being tracked.


(GEOgraphic LOCATION) The physical location of an object in the world, which may be 

described by degrees of longitude and latitude or by a more identifiable place such as city or residence. 

Being able to identify the location of a user via the geolocation methods in a smartphone (GPS, cellular, etc.) 

has enabled entirely new applications and businesses. For example, users can get spoken directions to a destination,

locate friends in the vicinity or request the closest cab (see transportation network company).


location based services (LBS) are services offered through a mobile 

Because LBS are largely dependent on the mobile user’s location, the primary objective of the 

service provider’s system is to determine where the user is. There are many techniques to achieve this.

Geolocation is a term used to describe the capability to detect and record where you and other people are located, 

and to use the information to enhance the desktop using an Internet-connected computer or device. 

Geolocation information can be obtained in a number of ways including data about a user's IP address,

MAC address, RFID, Wi-Fi connection location, or GPS coordinates.

ornament of his city and stage on which his subjects can unfold the theatre of their lives

What in fact developed in Nancy in NE france from the original idea of one square, was a whole sequence of sqares, amounting to one of the fineset systems of the kind in the whole of Europe.

body of knowledge

common frame of Reference in dealing when it come to state on state




contingency planning

phases of operation

setting theatre

application of the military instument power

management of violence


It's a Rubik's cube, frankly. It's like the Heisenberg principle: Every time you touch it, it changes, and you have something new to consider

something is complicated, you can unpack it, take the pieces, fix the pieces, put it back together, and it's better. If something is complex and you unpack it, as soon as you touch it, you change it, and as soon as you change it, you have to go back and try to figure it out again.

complicated- unpack, take pieces, fix pieces, put it back together


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