Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Philadelphia, PA Edit

Nothing is known about Neil's life before the apocalypse.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 4 Edit

"The Worms Turn" Edit

Eph walks into the warehouse asking Karl where Neil is. Karl says he is in the back Eph walks inside while Neil shuffles some Partnership cards they both greet each other. Neil asks him what brings him back so soon. Eph says that he is out of gas Eph then talks about the tanker trucks full of blood, Neil says that he didn't need to know about it. Later in the episode when Eph comes back Karl rushes right in the room to warn them about the oncoming attack. They come out guns drawn shooting the vampires, they failed and they were taken inside a bus. On the way Neil asks them where they were taking them. Eph tells him to calm down, Neil then says that they were gonna kill them anyway Neil then gets enraged and shouts why don't you get it over with now. Eph tells him to sit down. Everyone in the bus started fighting the vampires suddenly the bus explodes killing everyone inside but Eph.

Death Edit

Killed by Edit

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