Timeline of The Strain - Elaboration on the passage of time across seasons

Vampire (Strigoi) - One-stop source on all things Strigoi

Vampire Typology - Listing of the various types of Strigoi which inhabit the universe of The Strain

Flight 753 - An Illumination of the chain of events surrounding Regis Air Flight 753

Occido Lumen - A history of the provenance of the accursed tome

Survival Guide to the Post Vampire Apocalypse - An all-purpose guide to survival in a new world order

Science of The Strain -  Main technical concepts behind the events of  The Strain

Metaphysics of The Strain - Deeper implications of the concepts presented

The Art of The Strain (book) - An abstract of the accompanying book for the series. Behind the scences tour on the production of the show.

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