Maria Pena is the protagonist of the webseries "Under Siege."

Post-Outbreak Edit

Under Siege Edit

Part 1 Edit

Maria is seen sitting at home watching TV while Justine Feraldo tells every one about the safe zones in New York. After that she tells her mother not to go to work. But her mother said it was daytime and also told her that one of their neighbours had a gun. Maria's mother refused to go because she hasn't missed a day at work in 27 years. Maria and her mother hugged as she left to go to work.

Part 2

The webisode starts out by Maria ending a conversation in a phone. Her door knocks as she grabs her baseball bat when she opened it her mother appeared with loads of food in her cart looking suprised and she said that her boss never came today. They put the food in the table while talking about how she stole the food. As they were talking they head knocking and it was their neighbours from across the hall Shawn and Kimmy. They told they had a proposition for them.

Part 3

Shawn and Kimmy talk about how they can plan how to survive together. Shawn says that he could fortified their place. When it was night the four of them sit in the living room with fortified windows and doors until it was morning. Maria turned off the light Kimmy asks if she could have more light. Maria told her that she will be giving a way their position. Their other neighbour started to yell knocking on the door for help Shawn tells Maria not to open the door as their neighbour yelled as the sound of vampire's stinger opened.

Part 4

Maria, Shawn, Kimmy, and Carmen's mother walk into their neighbour's apartment. Shawn checks the closet door to find their dead neighbour inside. Kimmy said that she will come after them if she turns. All of them agreed to put her down. Maria walks away as Shawn blugeons their neighbour to death with a hammer. When they got back to their apartment Maria's mother noticed that they have lost their water. Shawn then volunteers to go get water from a resturant in 75th street. Kimmy asks if she could go with him but Shawn told her to stay as Shawn left to go find water.