Kroft is a character, later an antagonist. He was a naval special warfare operator. He serves as a minor antagonist in Season 3. 

Pre-Outbreak Edit

United States Edit

Nothing is known about Kroft's life before the outbreak, except that he lived in somewhere in the United States and served as a Navy Seal soldier.

Post-Outbreak Edit

"Season 3" Edit

Vasiliy Fet is attached to a Naval Special Warfare Unit (NSW for short, or more commonly called the "Navy Seals"), who are tasked to neutralize the Vampire contagion in Manhattan.

"New York Strong"

Kroft is the captain of his Navy Seals squad. Kroft is seen clearing out a building in Chinatown. His team successfully cleared out the building. At the end of the episode Kroft and his team were told to take out a vampire nest underground in lower Manhattan. When they saw Thomas Eichhorst him and his squad followed him to a church to later be ambushed. As the two squads spilt up underground each and every solider were getting killed. Kroft was the only one left to be killed by the Master.

"First Born"

Kroft is seen undead along with the other undead Navy Seals and turns up at Eph's deal to get the Occido Lumen. After they make the deal Quinlan shoots him multiple times killing him.

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