Kimmy is the primary antagonist of the webseries "Under Siege."

 Pre-Outbreak Edit

Jackson Heights, Queens Edit

Nothing is known about Kimmy's life from before the outbreak, except that she lived with her boyfriend Shawn along with their other neighbours Maria Pena and Carmen Pena.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Under Siege Edit

Part 2 Edit

Shawn and Kimmy look across the hall to Maria Pena's apartment. After Carmen Pena walked inside their apartment, Kimmy said to them in front of their apartment door that they have a proposition for them.

Part 3 Edit

Once they were invited inside Maria Pena's apartment. They talk about how Shawn could help them fortify their apartment and help them survive until the New York National Guard come in and secure their place. Kimmy said she has lots of food to survive for a couple weeks. Maria Pena agrees with them. Shawn and Kimmy go back to their apartment to get their stuff. When it was night everyone was in the living room waiting until it was morning. Screams and gunshots are heard outside, Maria turns off the lamp that Kimmy was using. Kimmy said she needed a little more light. Maria told her that it will give away their postion, then their neighbour Mrs. Veldez was knocking on the door crying for help. Maria tries to help but Shawn told her to stop because if she opens it many vampires could come inside their apartment. Their neighbour kept on screaming until the vampires got to her and killed her.

Part 4 Edit

In the morning Shawn, Kimmy, Carmen, and Maria go to Mrs. Veldez's apartment. When they got there the whole place was messey. Shawn suggests that they should look around Mrs. Veldez's apartment to see if there is any food they can take. Shawn opens up the closet to see Mrs. Veldez lying on the floor infected. Shawn yells out to them that he found their neighbour. Everyone looked in horror, Shawn tells them that if she turns she knows where they are staying and will come at them with more vampires. Carmen tells him not to but Maria tells her that they have to. Shawn tells everyone to take the food and says that he will put her out of her misery. Maria walks away as Shawn beats Mrs. Veldez to death with his hammer. Back at their apartment Carmen discovers that they have lost their water. Kimmy asks Shawn why he has to go, Shawn said that he will go to a restaurant in 75th street and get water. Shawn kisses Kimmy goodbye as Maria locks the door.

Part 5 Edit

Kimmy is still waiting for Shawn to come back. Then suddenly Shawn knocks on the door Kimmy opens the door and asks him what was taking him so long He said that the restaurant was picked clean meaning the whole place has been looted clean. Shawn lies down into the bed Kimmy checks his temperature she says that he is burning up. Kimmy discovers a scratch on his hand and asks him how he got it. Shawn said that he doesn't know how he got it. A few hours has passed and Maria checks the TV but nothing was on only static. The three of them argue about Shawn being infected. Maria said to them how she remembers how to know if anyone is infected. Maria turns on the radio and listens how to check if any one is infected or not. The person on the radio mentions a UVC light to determent on some one if they're infected. Maria goes to her room and finds a nail dryer that has a Ultra Violet Light on it. Shawn wakes up and gets hit in the head with a baseball bat by Kimmy twice. Maria comes in and checks for any worms she checks his neck but no worms are found inside him.

Part 6 Edit

In the morning Shawn and Kimmy argue about how Kimmy acidently hit him in the head. Maria breaks up the conversation and tells them that she will go instead. Carmen gives her ring to Maria so that she could trade for it in the black market in the safe zones.

Part 9 Edit

Many days has passed and when Maria comes back to their apartment to see the whole place being ransacked. Maria sees Kimmy. Kimmy takes some food as Maria questions her what happened to Carmen. Kimmy tells her what happened when she never came back. She mentioned that there was a battle at Central Park and about how a lot of cops ran away from the park. Kimmy said that Carmen couldn't keep up and that she died from a lot of strigoi. The both of them argue and then suddenly they have a little fight Kimmy grabs the shotgun but Maria gain control of it. She threatens her to leave. She leaves and says to her to "screw you".