Gone But Not Forgotten
Season 3, Episode 4
Air Date September 18, 2016
Release Date September 18, 2016
Written By Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan
Directed By Ken Girotti
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Cast Guide
Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather

David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichorst
Jack Kesy as The Master
Miguel Gomez as Augustin 'Gus' Elizalde
Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders
Rupert Penry-Jones as Mr. Quinlan
Joaquin Cosio as The Silver Angel

Also Starring

"Gone But Not Forgotten" is the fourth episode of  third season of The Strain. It first aired on September 18, 2016. 

Summary Edit

In the NYC Special Command Center in Brooklyn, Justine Feraldo is being interviewed by a journalist named Bella. When Bella told Justine that prisoners were being forced by correctional officers to clear out infected areas in New York and mentioning that a 16 year old boy who was also forced to clear out too. Justine yells at her to turn off the camera then tells them to get out of her office as she leaves.

Eph is taking out the bullets out of Quinlan's body while Eph talks about his son and how Quinlan failed his mission. Fet and Abraham Setrakian are in their headquarters, Fet tries to cheer Abraham up but Abraham says that "their is more work to do". Fet offers him the drink the both of them cheers as they drink vodka. Fet asks Eph as he walks in to have a drink but then mumbles to himself madly "Stupid Question". Fet asks about how was Quinlan doing. Eph said that he's okay, Fet asks another question about the deal.They talk about how Quinlan and Eph betrayed them and Kelly took the Occido Lumen and ran away with it. After the conversation Fet angrily punches Eph in the face.

Abraham Setrakian tells Eph to leave. Eph exits out of the building when he was about to get in his car a vampire tried to attack him, Eph shoots the vampire with silver bullets killing the vampire as he left. Meanwhile Eph is in Red Hook, Brooklyn he hears the door knocking. He opens it to see Dutch Velders drunk as she comes in she went to the bathroom. When she finshed Eph tells her "Welcome Home". Somewhere in a bunker Zach is resting on his bed. Zach heard his door being opened fast. It turned out to be a vampire, the vampire comes in. Zach screams for help as Kelly Goodweather rushed in and killed the vampire. Thomas Eichhorst comes in to asks if their okay. Thomas Eichhorst discovers that the master is dead and says that they should strike back.

Quinlan wakes up after the deal and asks Abraham who was sitting right next him that what was happening still after he killed the Master. Abraham said that vampires are still roaming around the streets at night. Quinlan says that their a place were they can go for an answer. In Manhattan's Carmine high school. Everyone is woken up by the correctional officers for breakfast. Correctional Officer Bonnie kicks some of the prisoners to wake them up. Correctional Officer Bonnie counts how much prisoners that they are gonna send to clear our infected areas.

Augustin Elizalde and Angel go upstairs to along with other prisoners to eat breakfast. The prisoners talk about how they got arrested as they get their food. Downtown Manhattan Frank Kowalski is seen talking to another police officer in the street while an SUV drives up them. Justine Feraldo angrily questions Frank Kowalski why chain gang prisoners were being forced to clear infected areas. Frank says that he is doing what's necessary for the city. Frank Kowalski reminds her the prison system had colapsed and saying that he's putting the prisoners into good use. Justine Feraldo tells Frank to get in the SUV as he gets in. Correctional Officer Tardi orders all of the prisoners to clear the tunnels from where their standing all the way to One Police Plaza. The officers give them spears to kill some vampires.

Augustin Elizalde asks Correctional Officer Tardi what happens if they don't cooperate. Tardi repiled that he will use his shotgun to kill him. So Augustin Elizalde, Angel and the other prisoners when in. Once they got onto the deeper part of the tunnel a vampire tried to attack but got killed by Augustin Elizalde. Carl one of the prisoners asks them to get out because it was to dangerous. Suddenly Carl got attacked he panicked as the vampire stung him in the neck killing him as well as the other prisoners. Augustin Elizalde and Angel run back to the end of the tunnel. When they ran back other prisoners were frightened and panicking. Augustin Elizalde warns them about how the vampire are more dangerous. Tardi said that he will make a note. Justine Feraldo and Frank Kowalski comes in to see the prisoners. Justine Feraldo asks him about "how things are being run here" Gus replies by saying you can see for yourself. Justine Feraldo tells him to carry on and leaves. Thomas Eichhorst is in the underground bunker trying to train the vampires to act human so that he could get them inside the Command Center. Thomas Eichhorst gives a speach about the plan.

Thomas Eichhorst talks to the two vampires, One was dressed as a police officer and the other one dressed as a New York Safe Streets Initiative member. Thomas Eichhorst puts the remote detonated C4 inside their stomachs. Meanwhile Fet is talking to Justine Feraldo and Frank Kowalski about the vampires in the command center. Eph and Dutch are talking to each other in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Eph hands her the pills to help her sleep and to stay awake. Eph then talks about Zach how he's not getting him back. Dutch picks up the taser and asks where he got it from. Eph said that he got it from a friend. In the ancient's building Quinlan and Lar are talking about how killing the Master's would kill him competely. Quinlan angrily yells out how Lar could have told him about killing the worm while he points his sword at one of the ancients, while Lar holds him at gun point. Quinlan then stands down and tells them that he risks everything including the city as he and Abraham Setrakian left the building. At night in the NYC Special Command Center, the disguised vampires walk in the building to get onto their position to detonate the C4. One was on a balcony and one was in the middle of the office. Once they got to their position, They detonated exploding strigoi blood and worms everywhere people in the office panicked as they took off their jackets and sweaters etc to avoid infection. A worm managed to land onto Justine Feraldo's head making the worm go inside her face Vasiliy Fet took out and burned and killed the worm in her face saving her in the process. Frank Kowalski tells someone to get Ephraim Goodweather.

After that CDC hazmat, police officers and firefighters had contained the office. And also checking if all of them got infected. Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders arrive looking surprised. While Dutch Velders and Vasiliy Fet talk to each other, Eph goes into the room where Justine Feraldo is. Eph checks Justine Feraldo for more worms luckily she didn't had any and Eph says that he'll have to check back 2 hours to see if it did't infect her. Eph goes out of the room outside, Frank Kowalski tells them the same thing happened to all check points in all safe zones of New York. It has been nearly 2 hours passed and Eph checks again Justine Feraldo sadly takes out a pistol in case she got infected. Before Eph was about to scan her Justine Feraldo talks about 9/11 after that she tells him that she's ready. After Eph scans her Eph tells that she's not infected Justine Feraldo doesn't believe him. Justine Feraldo then asks him again if it's really true, Eph then says it's all clean. Justine Feraldo was very happy and pleased. As she thanks him as Eph left the room, Justine Feraldo then remembers that she needed some work to be done as Frank Kowalski came inside the room she asks him to bring the SUV around to go visit the journalist. Dutch Velders and Eph are in Red Hook, Brooklyn drinking alcohol to celebrate. Dutch then suggested a place that had drinks that hasn't been looted yet, Eph and Dutch then left to go to the bar.

When Justine Feraldo got to the journalist's place. Justine Feraldo came in with her police officers upset. Justine Feraldo then had a small chat with Bella about how her journalist work is casing harm to her police officers. Justine Feraldo opens her office door to let the police officers take away her evidence and arrest her. Other officers soon took away other computers as evidence and arrested other journalists. Bella bagged them not to take away her computers but one of the police officers was able to handcuff her and take her outside as Justine Feraldo tells her that it's her due process. After they had a drink and got back to their car they found out a vampire was hiding inside the car. Dutch comes out of the car as Eph told her that it was to find a car with gas and keys, Dutch tased the vampire in a deep voice the vampire was possessed by The Master, The Master said that he failed and talks about his son. Eph asks him about Zach then the vampire attacked but then shot in the head by Eph



" Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more... In peace there's nothing so becomes a man, as modest stillness and humility. But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger. Disguise fair nature with hard-favor'd rage. Then lend the eye a terrible aspect. Let pry through the portage of the head, Like a brass cannon. Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood... Be copy now to men of grosser blood, And show them how to war." - KING HENRY V Act III. Scene 1, as quoted by Thomas Eichorst


  • Inoculation - (Latin graft in, implant a bud or eye of one plant into another) Introduction of a substance ,or infective agent, as said Epidemiological circles, to stimulate immunity. In this case of Justine Feraldo, she may have been inoculated when Mr. Fet prevented the worm from penetrating and proliferating throughout her body by the use of an UV light.
  • Vaccination - similar concept to inoculation, a weakened version of the pathogen is introduced to produce immunity. Today, the concepts seems to be generalized as in the case of Salk and Sabine vaccine used to treat polio. Salk is the dead or inactive one while Sabine is the weakened or attenuated form.
  • Vaccination was one of the earliest pillars of Modern Disease Control. It can be traced back to Edward Jenner who observed that cowpox (related to smallpox) immunized milkmaids against smallpox. Vaccination derives from the Latin word vacca for cow, because cowpox was the selected treatment.
  • The attack on the city's Special Command Center, is similar to the use of Suicide or Explosive vest, found in Middle-Eastern conflict zones. The origin of the vest, can be traced back to Imperial Japan and Japanese-occupied China during the Second World War. 
  • Suicide-vest
    The vest is configured in such a way to direct the explosive energy toward anyone within close proximity. Its purpose is to spread fear, and make a political statement, which would  eventually lead to the decapitation of government. In The Strain, Eichorst configured this makeshift vest, in such a way that the explosives would deliver worms instead of shrapnel.
  • A similar concept would be a "dirty bomb", or Radiological Dispersal Device, which is a way of spreading radiation using conventional explosives.
  • The attack on the Special Command Center, is known in First-Responder Circle's as a mass causality event, where any number of casualties produced in a relatively short time overwhelms the available capacity of dedicated resources assigned to resolve the matter (Police, Fire, Medical) .

Deaths Edit

  • 2 unnamed prisoners
  • Carl

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