George Lyle is a supporting character, and was the Mayor of the City of New York. The character is portrayed by Ron Canada. Lyle was an ambitious politician who cared more about befriending the financial elite of New York than serving the majority of the electorate who are more vulnerable to the Strigoi plague. To boost his standing among the people he strikes an alliance with Justine Feraldo . Ferraldo's direct pproach is in diametric opposition to Lyle's entanglement with the Powers that Be. They quickly start to brush each other off and their alliance ends when Lyle fails to support Ferraldo's militia in the Red Hook skirmish. Ferraldo in return, charges the prosperous New Yorker's an extra one percent parcel tax on all properties within the confines of the Upper East Side, to defray the costs of her Safe Streets Initiative. When Ferraldo refuses to do her work without the extra tax, Lyle proceeds to have her removed from the city council. He is found dead thereafter which puts Ferraldo on the list of suspects.

Since his death happened off screen, the nature of his death has thus to be explained or shown.

Trivia: The Strain is filmed in Toronto, Canada ( with establishing shots of Manhattan to add an air of authenticity to the show).