Dr. Ephraim Goodweather is the main protagonist and used to be head of the CDC Canary Team in New York City.


Dr. Ephraim Goodweather was a recovering alcoholic that lost a custody battle over his son Zach, one of the sole reasons for his involvement in "saving the world". His second-in-command was fellow epidemiologist, Dr. Nora Martinez. They had a complicated office romance. Issues from a very demanding job at the CDC has prevented Goodweather from being the father he knew he truly was.

Kelly’s mother used to tell him he was always ten minutes too late to all the major milestones of his life. Late for Zach’s birth, late for the wedding, late to save his marriage from falling apart, etc.

Once Nora, without any other options, had to temporarily leave Zach behind in the subway tunnels, Zach's mom finally caught up to him via bloodbeat and abducted him for the Master. Ever since then, for the last 2 years, Eph had been trying to find his son.

He had been ripped to shreds at the core by many emotions in what might be described as a protracted nervous breakdown, self medicating with vicodin and relapsed on the booze. As he became brittle and unhinged in his single-mindedness during the events of 'The Night Eternal', he experienced lucid visions in a delirium that would attune him to contents of the Occido Lumen, decoding secrets to the Master's vulnerability recorded therein.

Ephraim embarks on a suicide mission against the Master when, at the very end, he discovers his son is present with the Master, placing him in an agonizing dilemma and almost leading to the abandonment of the plan. Upon realizing that invoking the widespread devastation laying waste to everyone around was the only means of releasing his son, he proceeded out of despairing love to detonate the weapon on the strategic site, breaking the Master's strain.

TV series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Ephraim Goodweather is about to lose joint custody to his seperated/divorced wife Kelly for being absent due to his job demands as head of the CDC Canary Project in New York. He is summoned to the airport mid custody hearing when a flight from Berlin Regis 753 arrives on the JFK tarmac with all passenger's seemingly dead and all electronics turned off. His subsequent loss of custody over Zach and his constant battle with Kelly and her new boyfriend Matt keep Ephraim stressed while the events of the series set off. Ephraim is more than just well befriended to his coworker Nora Martinez who is a well accomplished scientist in her own right. She works with him on the Regis 753 case. Their investigation of the Regis flight 753 leads to no satisfying conclusion and they are being pressed by the New York CDC boss Dr. Barnes to release the bodies to their respective relatives and issue a explanation to the press that it was "carbon monoxide" poisoning that resulted in the passengers's deaths. On the airport Ephraim, Nora and Jim Kent stumble upon Abraham Setrakian who is privy to the existence of vampires but keeps this knowledge to himself well aware that nobody would believe him and question his sanity as an old man. The only four survivng flight passengers are released when Ephraim's authority is overriden by Dr. Barnes who shows barely any concern to have a thorough investigation done than to appease the public and pacify the people to avod a panic. A tight upholded quarantine as requasted by Ephraim would impact trade and commerce likewise. Being stalled by his own boss stressens Ephraim and Nora and the unresolved mystery of the passenger's death leaves him distraught.

Ephraim Goodweather is eventually contacted by Doyle Redfern the Regis 753' pilot who complains about medical problems which he cannot find any remedy for. Ephraim advises him under the care of a hospital that facilitates complicated diagnosis. Ephraim and Nora

Season 2 Edit

Eph continues to contribute to the fight against the master by working on a anti-vampire pathogen with Nora. He continues to have no time for his son Zach who needs him more than before since Kelly is now a full fledged vampire under the control of the master. Zach cannot accept that and Ephraim as a father is unable to bond with his son anymore. The growing stress and lack of progress in their fight takes a toll on Ephraim who relapses into his alcoholism.

Season 4 Edit

In the final moments of the show Ephraim uses a moment of affection between Dutch and Fet to replace Fet who initially volunteered to safeguard the detonation of the nuke and thus sacrifice himself when Quinlan manages to have not only the master but also Zach being escalated downwards into the tunnels where the nuke is placed. The master occupying Palmer's body is successful in killing Quinlan but Quinlan manages to rip out Palmer's stringer and render's the master occupying a body hopelessly maimed. The master is able to regurgitate his worm into a reluctant Eph who becomes the master's host in the final moment's of his life. Seemingly not fully in control of Eph, Zach embraces his father before he reaches behind his back to set off the nuke, resulting in the demise and annihilation of the master, Eph, himself and the bodily remains of Quinlan and Palmer.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ephraim Goodweather is portrayed by Corey Stoll in Season 1 of The Strain.


Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Eph has killed:

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