Emma Gilbarton was the daughter of Gary Gilbarton. She was the youngest passenger on board Regis Air Flight 753, and thus the youngest victim of the Master.

Biography Edit

Dr. Ephraim Goodweather examined her and she, along with nearly all of the passengers and crew, was pronounced dead.

However, Emma returned home (see Dear Ones), where her father gladly welcomed her back. Later on, she fed on and turned her father. After returning from a "feeding" in her neighborhood, she was confronted by Goodweather, Nora Martinez and Abraham Setrakian, the last of whom decapitated her with his sword.

Aboard the plane, Emma was found clutching her mother's hand, meaning her mother was presumably also attacked and turned, but for some reason did not return home.

Emma Arnot Edit

In the TV series, Emma and her father's surname is changed to Arnot, and their nationality to French. Otherwise, events occur largely as they are described in the novel.