Pre-Outbreak Edit

New York City, Manhattan Edit

Nothing is known about Wilson's life before the outbreak, except that he lived somewhere in Manhattan and worked as a scientist.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

"Bad White" Edit

Another scientist is seen talking to Dr. Wilson. Dr. Amanda is preparing the syringe with vampire blood to inject it to Subject 505. The two doctors go into a room to see the white blood's bacteria through the computer. Then they go to the room where Subject 505 is. Dr. Wilson records himself about to inject blood to a 72 year old woman who has vascular dementia. Once the injected the blood through her arm, her pulse starts to rise up. Then she started to have seizures and drooling. Her heart rate kept on going up until it reached over 180. Dr Wilson shoots her in the head to prevent her from turning. Later on the episode Eldritch Palmer watched what happened in the labs and Palmer was not pleased. Dr. Wilson says that the vampire blood had caused the other test subjects to have heart failure, catatonia, and convulsions, and he also said that not one test subject improved so he had to put them down. Palmer then reminds him how had gave them unlimted funding, food, best housing, and security and saying that they had a chance to save the world but asks him what was the problem. Dr. Wilson told him money can't change biology. Palmer then tries to prove him that it works and said that he has seen it work as he is in pain. Dr. Wilson questions him if had seen it work then he'd had show him the evidence. Palmer tells him that he's the one providing the evidence but Dr. Wilson tells him that their aren't any. Dr. Wilson said that strigoi blood is toxic to humans. After their argument Dr. Wilson told him that he is not doing the research anymore. Dr. Wilson said goodbye to him as he leaves his office.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Dr. Wilson has killed:

  • Subject 505
  • Several Unknown test subjects

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