Crispin is Augustin Elizalde's brother, a drug addict and is a former member of an unnamed Mexican gang in Harlem. He is known to engage in armed robbery and other criminal activities before the outbreak happened. In the episode entitled "Night Zero" he tried to rob Abraham Setrakian's pawn shop but was hindered by Mr. Setrakian. When Abraham Setrakian caught him, he took out his knife and stuck it in his wrist stating he will pop his blood vessel in his wrist and pass out. Crispin agreed to put back his money, and he ran away taking the clock on the counter on his way out. Augustin Elizalde discovers that he stole the clock, had fisticuffs and was eventually returned to the store. Later on Crispin is infected by the landlord and put down by his brother, Augustin Elizalde.

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