Season 3, Episode 7
Air Date Sunday 9, 2016
Written By Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan
Directed By T.J. Scott
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Cast Guide
Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather

David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian
Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichorst
Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders
Rupert Penry-Jones as Mr. Quinlan

Also Starring
Collaborators is the seventh episode of the third season of The Strain.

Summary Edit

Thomas Eichhorst is seen rinsing his arm in the fire. Once he was done he dips it onto the pot of water. A flashback occurs of Vasiliy Fet great grandfather and Alexei Boiko in 1941 during world war two. The both of them are sitting down in the trenches. Sergei Fetrovski is smoking while he is talking to Alexei Boiko. When a explosion happened near them everyone got knocked out. It was morning when a dozen of Nazis found the trench, the Nazis told them to surrender.

In present day Vasiliy Fet and Abraham Setrakian is driving around in Manhattan. Vasiliy Fet talks about the vampires invading half of Manhattan, and how he thinks that New York might not make it.

At Red Hook, Brooklyn Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders are showing Quinlan how the communication works for vampires. Dutch Velders shows Quinlan the communication graph of the strigoi. Quinlan said that the passage in the Occido Lumen refers to the silent voice of The Master. Ephraim Goodweather explains that he needs a reference point. Ephraim Goodweather came up with an idea that needed a black box to make it work and Eph said that it's in John F Kennedy International Airport.

While Fet and Abraham are still driving, Fet ask where they were going. Abraham Setrakian said that they are going to another pawnbroker. Vasiliy Fet turns the humvee around to another direction, Abraham Setrakian asks Fet where was he going. Fet said he's going to his father's apartment. Once they got to Brighton Beach they walk inside to see blood on the floor. Suddenly a vampire came and tried to attack them but got stabbed in the eye by Abraham Setrakian, Fet told Abraham that it was his neighbour who tried to attack them. They walk inside and the apartment was messy When they got to the bedroom, Fet and Abraham Setrakian saw his dead parents laying in the bed with a gun in his father's hand. Fet pays his respects, Abraham checks Fet's father's neck to see a vampire stinger mark. Abraham told him that they got infected and that it was an act of mercy.

In The Stoneheart Group headquarters Palmer is sitting next to medical equipment that is keeping him alive. Nurse Carla Davis checks his blood pressure. Mr. Duncan comes in to tell him that the ship had arrived to New York. Palmer asks if he had the paper work. Mr. Duncan hands him the paper work. Palmer tries to read the paper but is having problems sounding out a word, Mr. Duncan corrected saying that the word is tractors. Palmer asks Mr. Duncan to take him to his car. Nurse Carla Davis suggested that he is not in good condition to outside. Palmer tells Nurse Carla Davis not to tell him what to do but to him the things that he needed to do.

At the checkpoint in Atlantic Ave, Queens. Ephraim Goodweather, Dutch Velders, Quinlan are being checked before they go outside the safe zone. The police officer reminds Ephraim Goodweather that he is leaving the safe zone and that Queens is a no man's land. The other police officer notices Quinlan and tells Eph that he doesn't look right. Eph said that he is with them and shows his ID card as they leave the safe zone.

Meanwhile Vasiliy Fet and Abraham Setrakian walk into a pawn shop that is ransacked. The both of them go to the basement, when they got down there they see a safe. Abraham tells to Fet to open the safe, Fet takes out his explosives. Abraham asks him about his father Fet said his father was stubborn and that his father and him never got along while he is sobbing. After he talks about his father he lights up the dynamite and tells Abraham to run back. The safe exploded, upstairs Fet continues to talk about his father. They go back downstairs again to get what's in the safe.

Somewhere in Queens Eph, Quinlan, and Dutch drive by a neighbourhood with people with guns looting stores, threatening people for money and food, and dead bodies laying in cars and sidewalks. Eph talks about him being in South Sudan having a similar experience. They see a family getting robbed in their minivan, Eph and Dutch decides to help them. Quinlan tells them to come back to the cab. The two looters hold the child's parents hostage, Eph tries to negotiates with them. Quinlan stabs the looter to death along with the other looters that threatened them. Eph and Dutch shot some looters. The family leaves quickly as Dutch tells them that they are not dangerous. Quinlan tells them next time to stay in the car.

Eldritch Palmer arrives to the ship with his security, Palmer introduces himself Cyrus Minow tells him not to board the ship. Palmer tells Cyrus Minow that he is fired. Cyrus Minow tells once again to not go into the ship because of captain's orders. Palmer says that he will speak with the captain, but Cyrus told him that the captain wasn't in the ship at the moment. Palmer tells his security to leave and go back to Stoneheart group headquarters.

While at John F Kennedy International Airport Eph drives around the abandoned airport. They walk inside terminal 4 to see luggages all over the floor. Ephraim Goodweather tells Dutch that the airport was the first place that the outbreak started as they walk downstairs to the warehouse.

In The Stoneheart Group headquarters, Palmer is stting down next to medical equipment. Thomas Eichhorst comes inside before he came in he pushed a button to lower the sunlight in his office. Thomas Eichhorst reminds Palmer that the ship is none of his concerns. Thomas pushes the buttons on the medical machine while Palmer talks about how he's not the Master's emissary employee just like him. Palmer asking Thomas that the master has no intention of following through on his promise of eternal life and saying that he is still alive. Thomas Eichhorst told him the Master may had forgotten him. Eldritch Palmer tells him The Master remembers everything and still has a plan for him. Eldritch Palmer asks Thomas if there was something wrong with his hand. Thomas tells him before he leaves to enjoy the downfall of New York and The rest of the world. Palmer calls Mr. Duncan to call in his security team to break into the ship. When Palmer and his security team got there, all of the ship crew were dead. Eldritch Palmer asks Mr. Duncan to search the cargo hold but they found nothing.

Another flashback occurs in Poland, 1941 in a concentration camp. Sergei Fetrovski and Alexei Boiko are working on a barbwire fence. Alexei couldn't work on the fence anymore because his hands are getting tired. Thomas Eichhorst and his Nazi soldiers comes outside to see how they are doing. Thomas Eichhorst says that he needs a volunteer and if anyone volunteers they will get better food and warmer clothing. Sergei Fetrovski volunteered to be part of it by raising Alexei Boiko's hand. Thomas Eichhorst told Sergei Fetrovski and Alexei Boiko that they have to kill the prisoners because they have no use to their cause. Thomas called up Boiko to come up, as he came up Thomas gave him a pistol to kill a prisoner. Boiko couldn't do it so Thomas called up Sergei Fetrovski, Thomas gave him the pistol. Thomas ordered him to pull the trigger but he couldn't do it as well. Thomas threatens to kill Alexei Boiko if he dosen't kill the prisoner. Sergei Fetrovski aims his gun but still couldn't do it and said that they're not fit for the special assignment. Thomas takes away his pistol and gives it to the Nazi solider, Thomas threatens him again if Sergei Fetrovski doesn't shoot the prisoner he will kill both of them. Sergei Fetrovski told Thomas Eichhorst to wait and told him to give him the pistol again. Sergei Fetrovski aimed at the prisoner's head and shot him. Thomas Eichhorst then shot Alexei Boiko in the head too. Thomas Eichhorst said that he chose wisely but slowly.

Meanwhile in present day Abraham Setrakian is seen pulling out some vampire blood out of the fire and putting it in the fryer. Vasiliy Fet said that there is something that he needed to tell him. Vasiliy Fet talked about how his father isn't the first one to commit suicide and that his great grandfather also shot himself. He also talked about his great grandfather being in the world war and how his great grandfather was forced to kill someone and work at a concentration camp. After Fet told him about his great grandfather. Abraham told Fet about how war is the worst in human behavior.

At John F Kennedy International Airport Eph, Dutch, and Quinlan walk in the warehouse. Eph found some small vodka bottles and gave them to Dutch. Dutch opens up a door containing the Flight 753 black box. Quinlan asks Eph if he had found it while he killed a few vampires. Quinlan saw what they were holding and walked out of the warehouse as another vampire came up but got killed by Quinlan.

Under the highline park in Manhattan, Abraham and Eldritch Palmer come back again to finish their deal. Abraham asks if Palmer had known what the Master is. Palmer told him that he hasn't found out yet, Just Abraham Setrakian and Fet were about to walk away. Palmer tells him about the ship how the box was gone and every crewmember is dead. Palmer asks him to give him the white, Abraham tells him that droplet of vampire blood is a single dose. Abraham tells him to take it somewhere where he can rest. Palmer, Mr. Duncan, and Nurse Carla Davis leave back to The Stoneheart Group headquarters. Back in The Stoneheart Group headquarters Eldritch Palmer asks Nurse Carla Davis to give him droplets of the white. Nurse Carla Davis warns him but continues anyway, when she put the white onto Eldritch Palmer's eye. Eldritch Palmer had a heart attack Nurse Carla Davis notices that his eyes are bleeding. When she tried to give him CPR Eldritch Palmer woke up with his eyes red scaring Nurse Carla Davis running away and saying that she quits Palmer gets up and smiles as the episode ends.


Deaths Edit

  • Alexei Boiko (1941)
  • Alexei Fet (Confirmed Fate)
  • Fet's unnamed mother (Confirmed Fate)
  • A few of Queens's residents
  • 5 unnamed looters
  • Sergei Fetrovski (Confirmed Fate)

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