Braden is an antagonist, and serves as the primary antagonist in the episode "Bad White".

Pre-Outbreak Edit

Nothing is known about Braden's life before the outbreak, except that he lived in Bushwick, New York and used to be a freelance hacker and hacked major companies with Dutch Velders and his friends.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

Bad White Edit

As the outbreak began he and his friends started raiding buildings around New York City. Sometime in season 3 he met Dutch Velders. As they were looking for some buildings to raid they found a condo to all of his friends went inside. His friends Ron and Kimberly died in a bedroom cause of vampires. He and Dutch later came in the room to kill the vampire. The vampire behind him nearly stung him leaving a worm to infect him later on. He hits the vampire and runs away leaving Dutch Velders to fend for her self. Later in Bushwick he is confronted by Dutch. Dutch notices that he was infected and then decapitates his head leaving him dead.

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