Bad White
Season 3, Episode 2
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Air Date September 4, 2016
Release Date September 4, 2016
Written By Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan
Directed By J. Miles Dale
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Cast Guide
Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather

David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian
Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet
Jonathan Hyde as Eldritch Palmer
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichorst
Natalie Brown as Kelly Goodweather
Miguel Gomez as Augustin 'Gus' Elizalde
Max Charles as Zach Goodweather
Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders
Rupert Penry-Jones as Quinlan
Samantha Mathis as Justine Feraldo
Joaquín Cosio as Angel Guzman Hurtado

Also Starring
Jack Kesy as Bolivar / The Master

"Bad White" is the second episode of third season of The Strain. It first aired on September 4, 2016.

Summary Edit

In Morningside Harlem StoneHeart scientists are experimenting on vampires's blood to see if the white blood could help people's dieases and illness. One of the scientist walks over to the room were they are experimenting on a old woman. They injected the vampire blood on to her. As the blood was injected she started to have seizures and also her heart rate was going up on the life support machine. As her heart rate starts to go really high the doctor shoots her in the head. At Mayfield Hotel Vasiliy Fet is drinking in the hotel's bar talking to one of the surviving navy seals. The solider talks about the aftermath in the church. He tells Fet that his command is pulling out of New York. Fet angrily says that his squad were very close to finding the Master. The solider then said that he lost 6 good soliders and saying he's got nothing to show for. At the end of the conversation he said that he is going to Washington D.C to fight the outbreak. Vasiliy Fet asks for another drink. Kate Nelson starts to have a conversation with Vasiliy Fet how the vampires are adapting an d getting more stronger. After that they finshed their drinks and headed up stairs to a hotel room to have sex. When it was morning Fet kisses her goodbye to go off his HQ. Eph is seen driving down manhattan looking for the address to find Fet and Setrakian. Once he get inside he finds Quinlan he shoots at him Quinlan then speeds down at him and tries to choke him Fet comes in and sees them. Vasiliy Fet tells Quinlan that he's one theirs. Ephraim Goodweather sits down and talks about Nora Martinez's death underground and how Kelly took Zack without turning him. Abraham Setrakian tells Eph that the Master will use Zach Goodweather. Abraham Setrakian tries to take his pills but in frustration he drops them. Meanwhile somewhere underground Manhattan. Zack is playing with his ball. Kelly walks in bringing in books. Zack tells Kelly that he wants to go outside but Kelly says that he will. Zack said to her that she always say that but she never did. Dutch Velders is walking down a street in Willamsburg with her friends. Braden tells everyone that they are going raid a condo. Dutch Velders tells him that Justine Feraldo's cops hasn't cleared the part of Manhattan that their in yet. Dutch asks her friends if they ever raided a skyscraper before?. Braden tells them that the building has 42 floors. Dutch said that there is 42 floors of vampires inside and says it's stupid. They then head inside. Meanwhile in Stoneheart Headquarters Eldritch Palmer's nurse gives him a pill and tells him that he is not in a good condition to make a meeting. Thomas Eichhorst then comes in and tezes him about Coco Marchand. Thomas Eichhorst asks him about how many people donated their blood and hands him an ipad. Thomas Eichhorst says it's unaceptable Eldritch Palmer repiles that he could't force people into donating their blood. Thomas Eichhorst said that Justine Feraldo can Eldritch Palmer says that she dose'nt anwser to him. Thomas gives him an idea to influence her to do it. Eldritch Palmer says that he will attend to it right a way. Thomas Eichhorst grabs Coco Marchand's heart in a jar and tries to drop it but Eldritch Palmer stops him. Eldritch Palmer asks him to give him the white again but Thomas says that rewards must be earned. Dutch and her friends are going up the elevator to the top floor as they come up Braden talks loud and Dutch tells him to be quiet. As they come in Braden turns on the blinds and walks up to the kitchen to loot for food. Dutch Velders looks at the window in horror as her two friends Ron and Kimberly walks into a bedroom. Ron tells Kimbery to check under the bed. Kimberly then tells him back to check under the bed and Ron did. Ron looks under and suddenly got stung in the neck. Kimberly sees that Ron is checking the bed long. Kimberly screamed and also got stung in the neck too. Dutch and Braden rushed to go in the room. They come in Dutch shoots the strigoi in the head and shoots the one under the bed she shoots but she misses. Another vampire comes in behind Braden and almost stings him Braden hits the vampire and runs out. Dutch runs out of ammo and throws it at the vampire. Dutch sliced off the vampire's stinger off as she decapitates the vampire. She runs out of the apartment to see another vampire down the hall. The vampire missed and as Dutch starts to run but the vampire pulled her back she quickly pulled out a knife and stabbed the vampire then throws the vampire out in front of the sunlight. Then she runs out of the building. Abraham Setrakian is reading the Occido Lumen. Eph argues about how using a spell to defeat the master is not gonna work. Abraham Setrakian tells them that to defeat the master must take place in another ecilpse which was in 2024. In Stoneheart offices Eldritch Palmer is watching a clip of what happend during the oparation in harlem. Eldritch Palmer is seemingly angry after seeing the video. The doctor tells him the blood caused bad symptoms for the test subject. Eldritch Palmer told him that he gave them food and shelter. The doctor reminds him that money cannot change biology. Eldritch Palmer also tells him he had seen it work good but the doctor told Eldritch Palmer the evidence. Eldritch Palmer reminds him that he's the one to provide him the evidence. The doctor yells at him that there is none. At the end of their conversation the doctor tells him that the blood is toxic to humans. At the headquarters Eph is at the bar as Quinlan questions him about being here. Quinlan tells him the events of history proving that he lived for a long time. Quinlan asks him about being here and Eph said he was asking the same thing too. In Bushwick Braden is seen putting some food in a fridge him and his friends talk about the end of the world. When Dutch Velders comes in complaing about how they did't help her. Braden and Dutch got into a little fight soon discovering that Braden is infected. Braden and his friends start to panic Dutch tells them it's their problem now after 5 seconds she came back decapitating Braden as her friends gasp in horror as she left. Abraham Setrakian and Eph are talking about getting Zach back Fet comes in tells them about Rudyard Fonescu making a meeting under the highline. Abraham acepted the dead and when to go to the meeting to see Rudyard Fonescu. But it turned out to be Eldritch Palmer. Eldritch Palmer tried to make a deal to get vampire blood from Abraham. But Abraham deined his offer then left. Kelly Goodweather brings Zack some food. After she gave him food Kelly went outside. Zack then comes out of the room to follow where she went. Zack then discovers her drinking blood from a child that looked like Zack. Zack looked in horror as he ran. He started to run out of breath Kelly and The Master helped him as they put vampire blood into his mouth. Eph is seemingly to look for something around their headquarters Quinlan sees him as he questions him again about him being here. Eph repiles by saying "My son". Quinlan offers out to help him Eph then looks at him and closes the UVC light as the episode ends.

Deaths Edit

  • Ron
  • Kimberly
  • Braden
  • Unnamed test subject


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