Pre-Outbreak Edit

Not much is known about Alexei's life before the outbreak, except that he is a book author and asumingly created stories about his grandfather in world war two and history about ukrainan architecter for a living. He also sells the books he created to get money.

Season 1 Edit


Fet comes in to see his father. Fet checks out his book he has created Alexei told him that the books will be publisted in June and he has been invited to lecture. Fet congratulates him, Alexei tells him that he is dissapointed because he is an exterminator. Fet said that the reason why he came to his apartment is because he wanted to warn him about the outbreak. Alexei asks him why? Fet said that something evil has taken a hold of the city he epxlains that people are turning into strigoi and drinking people's blood. Alexei told him that Fet's job has warped his mind. Fet tells him that is the truth and tells him to take a vaction. As Fet was about to leave Alexei said "you appear after two years to tell him to flee his home what? a word from a stranger". Fet said that he tried and says goodbye as he leaves.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Season 3 Edit

"Collaborators" Edit

After many days has passed Fet and Abraham Setrakian came back to his apartment only to see his mother and father dead on the bed. Fet talks about his father. Abraham Setrakian told Fet that they were infected and it was an act of mercy.

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