Alex Green is a supporting character, and a survivor of the outbreak.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Philadelphia, PA Edit

Nothing is known about Alex's life before the apocalypse except that she lived somewhere in Philadelphia.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 4 Edit

"The Worm Turns

After Alex's brother detonates an explosive on the bus she sees Eph helping her brother's leg, she points the gun at Eph. She realizes what he's doing and helps her brother. She explains that she and her brother detonated the bomb on the bus. She asks who Eph was Alex's brother said that he was on the bus. Eph says that they are blowing up buses with humans inside not realizing that there are humans inside them. Eph says he's the only one that survived the explosion. She says "You're welcome for saving you" back to him. They both help her brother to safe location. Once they got to the safe location Eph tells her about how to keep him alive after that Eph attemps to leave but Alex points a gun at him. Eph says "you have you're mission i have mine" She asks what was his mission. Eph says staying alive and staying human. Eph quickly grabs her gun. After that they made a deal that Eph will take care of her brother 24 hours as long as they have food and supplies. Eph gives her gun back after they had made the deal.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Alex has killed:

  • Several unnamed partnership bus passengers (Accidental)
  • Numerous vampires

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