Saskia Van Orden: It is rude to just stand there. Mr.Pirk, is it?
Setrakian: Yes.Roald Pirk.And you are Ms.Van Orden?
Saskia Van Orden: You may call me Saskia. I passed along to my associate, Mr.Kruger, the papers of provenance that you sent me, and his interest in the item is greater than ever.
Setrakian: That is good news.Between us, Mr.Kruger is not his real name, is it?
Saskia Van Orden: What makes you say that? I did a little digging on my own.
Setrakian: In my line of work, I need to make sure potential buyers have - the means to close the deal.
Saskia Van Orden: I assure you, Mr.Kruger has significant resources at his disposal.
Setrakian: Yes, if he is the person I suspect him to be, he is a viable buyer indeed. I just need you to verify a few details. Is he a German?
Saskia Van Orden: Yes.
Setrakian: And was he loyal to the Fatherland during the war?
Saskia Van Orden: Yes, he was.
Setrakian: I heard a rumor he was employed at one of the concentration camps in Poland. Doing good work there, in my opinion.
Saskia Van Orden: I wouldn't know about that.
Setrakian: I see.Well, it would please me to meet him.And, upon completing a deal, deliver the Lumen into his hand.
Saskia Van Orden: I will warn you, there have been others who have attempted to sell him forgeries. They did not come to happy ends.
Setrakian: This transaction will be nothing but honorable.


Sanjay Desai: We can come back another time if you're not up for this.
Eldritch Palmer: Who are you?
Sanjay Desai: Sanjay Desai.
Thomas Eichorst: He's a new associate of ours, Eldritch. Working to help us. A very impressive young man.
Sanjay Desai: And I hear that you are facilitating a very important shipment for us.
Eldritch Palmer: And what business is that of yours?
Sanjay Desai: Oh, it's very much my business.
Thomas Eichorst: Don't upset yourself, Eldritch. Now, what is the status of the Aurora Cutlass?
Eldritch Palmer: The ship left port in Egypt 31 days ago.
Thomas Eichorst: That's excellent.Now we need you to make sure that it ports here in New York. Given the chaos of the moment, it is a challenge for any vessel - to be permitted in the harbour.
Sanjay Desai:Make sure that it docks?
Eldritch Palmer:Pardon me?
Thomas Eichorst: I'm sure Eldritch will accomplish this.
Eldritch Palmer:What's on that ship that's so important?
Thomas Eichorst: If you need to know, then I will tell you. In the meantime, please alert us the moment it reaches the docks. Thank you. It's been a pleasure.
Eldritch Palmer:What's been a pleasure?
Thomas Eichorst: This transaction. Have a good day.


Justine Feraldo: This was supposed to be secure, Frank.Those people moved here because we told them it was a safe zone.
Frank Kowalski: It could have been a lot worse. Our response teams...
Justine Feraldo: I don't need you spinning this. Just tell me how the hell - they're getting in here.
Frank Kowalski: They must be coming from underground, somehow.
Justine Feraldo: You said we cleared - all the tunnels.
Frank Kowalski: We did.
Justine Feraldo: Well, however it's magically happening, they've got us chasing our tails. These guys should've been out last night taking back the rest of Manhattan, not stuck here on clean-up duty, I mean...
Frank Kowalski: I know
Justine Feraldo: This is not how we win, Frank! We're moving backwards.
Frank Kowalski: I'm trying.
Justine Feraldo: Not hard enough. Let's go, guys.


Quinlan:It says here that an ancient Egyptian hunter from the town of Meir managed to "bury a plague, ending its terrible reign forever".
Setrakian: " How does one bury a..."."The seven plagues, mortal only to the face of God."
Quinlan:" The Seven Ancients."
Setrakian: Could this Egyptian possibly have killed one?
Quinlan:The Old World Ancients are not all accounted for.
Setrakian: How did the Egyptians accomplish this?
Quinlan: It doesn't say. It's possible the details have been lost to history.
Setrakian:I cannot believe that. The illustrations could contain - some hidden meaning.
Quinlan:- It's possible.Although it would be easier to discern if we were looking at the genuine article.
Setrakian:If you think I would let you within a hundred feet of the Lumen
Quinlan:I'm not going to steal it again, Professor.You have my word.
Setrakian: Yes, your word.
Quinlan: I want these answers just as much as you do.
Setrakian:Wait right here.


Werner Dremerhaven:I told you you would find nothing.Herr Eichorst keeps his whereabouts a mystery.
Setrakian: I don't believe you.That sunlight will be on you in minutes, Doctor.
Werner Dremerhaven:A man can only be threatened by that of which he is afraid, and I am not afraid of death.At a certain point, repetition diminishes pleasure.
Setrakian: This room is too shallow.Now, there must be another room here.Sudden immolation, a fitting end for a visionary, no?
Werner Dremerhaven:If it is my time to go, then so be it.
Setrakian: Who were those men in there?
Werner Dremerhaven:They were clients of my associate, Saskia, the woman who sent you here.Men who visited her prostitutes? Yes, yes! Disrespectful men who harmed them. No one will miss them.
Setrakian: No one will miss you either.
Werner Dremerhaven: Sunlight is too good for you, Herr Doktor.What? What are you doing? Ow! What is that for? You-you don't know what you're doing!
Setrakian: True, I am not an anatomy expert like you. However, I do know you have an amazing ability to heal.But if you were to lose one of your limbs
Werner Dremerhaven: Oh no! No, no, no! Careful there!
Setrakian: It would never grow back. I'm damning you to hell, Dr.Dreverhaven.Any last words? No? I suppose you said them already.


Ephraim Goodweather:It didn't make any sense to me the strigoi could be so high functioning with so little brainpower. And then I realized I'm still thinking in human terms.
Dutch Velders:All they need is a receiver to get the Master's instructions.
Ephraim Goodweather:Exactly.If we can block that, they turn back into dumb animals. Okay. Ready?
Dutch Velders:Yeah.
Ephraim Goodweather:All right, little monkey, how are you gonna get that tasty, tasty blood? That's right. You grab the pipe, you stick it through the cage, pull the dish towards you.
Dutch Velders: Oh!
Ephraim Goodweather:It's okay. There's no way he can get through this door.
Dutch Velders: What the hell is he doing?
Ephraim Goodweather: I don't know. Yeah, there's no way he can get that open.
Dutch Velders: He seems pretty good at it.
Ephraim Goodweather: Okay, turn it on
Dutch Velders: Haha! Aww, look at the poor lummox. A rapidly plummeting IQ it's adorable. The microwave-gun challenge test is a success, strongly showing that our hypothesis that...
Ephraim Goodweather: You're still shooting it, right?
Dutch Velders:Yeah! - Let me make some adjustments.
Ephraim Goodweather:Whatever you're doing, do it fast!
Dutch Velders: I'm trying. It's not working! AH!...So, they have found some way of getting around the interference. The Master's system is more complex than we thought. You don't have to be so blue about it. It's totally "figure-outable.
Dutch Velders:No, no, it's just, uh when things are going well, it helps me keep my mind from going to to dark places.
Ephraim Goodweather:Well, we just have to make things go well then.
Dutch Velders:Oh, is that all we have to do? I feel better already.


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